Jeff Shapiro and volunteers helping out.

Creating Community Connection

Community Connection was founded in the fall of 2017, although the idea was conceived in early 2016 as cooperation among local service organizations and Brian Schimmel. Brian and Jeff Shapiro met in early 2018 through a connection between PSU and Open Door Day Center, one of Community Connection’s key partners. They identified with a shared aspiration for developing an environment for service organizations to have a greater impact on the people they serve. Community Connection has grown to include many partners and continues to work together with the community.

Volunteers helping pass out food.
Picture of the Blessing Box filled with items.
Open Door outdoor sign.
Shower trailer image.

Get To Know Us

A house, Apple, Shirt, and Handshake icon representing the services of Community Connection

Our Founders

I have worked in the community for the past five years as a volunteer and a Community Outreach Director. Inspired by my son’s compassion and actions to help others, I created Community Connection. It is important to create an involved and connected culture that restores community for everyone. I believe this is where my heart lead me to be.

I had the opportunity to meet Brian and help build Community Connection. I have always wanted to work in a space that allows me to connect with people and do my part to give back. I saw a call to action in Forest Grove and felt people here were open minded to help make a change in the community. Community Connection strives to build friendships and to creating trust with a hands on approach.

Our Team