Meals Served

Monday - Friday

12:00-12:30 p.m.

June 17th - August 16th


Meals are distributed at various parks in Forest Grove and Cornelius!

See locations below


Laycee Hyde:

Operations Manager and Nutrition Services

Forest Grove School District, Banks School District, Sodexo

Mobile: (360) 833-3196

Office: (503) 359-8110 ext. 4510

Anneka Barker:

Volunteers and Location Needs

E-mail: annekab@oldtownfg.com

Summer Meals is a federally funded program that ensures all children up to age 18 meet their nutritional needs. Meals are served Monday-Friday, 12:00-12:30, June 17 - August 16.

The Forest Grove School District (Sodexo) prepares the meals and partners with Old Town Church to recruit community volunteers to deliver and distribute meals at local park locations.

How you can help

Summer Meals are always in need of volunteers. Click here to sign up.

For meals to be served, there needs to be a minimum of two volunteers per park to assist with setup and food distribution. A third person picks up and delivers food.

Click here to download our latest schedule and hours of operation for Summer 2019.


Whats expected of volunteers

Volunteers are advised to undergo a training session before participating with Summer Meals. Training sessions scheduled for June 11th at 5-6pm and June 15th 10-11am at the District Office Grove Room (1728 Main St). 

If you are unable to attend a training session, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the enclosed materials and civil rights video; attending a training session is not a condition for volunteering.  The civil rights awareness is especially important.  These materials will also be available in the binders that accompany the meals


Anneka Barker:

Volunteers Coordinator

Old Town Forest Grove

Mobile: (971)-770-1518

E-mail: annekab@oldtownfg.com

Laycee Hyde:

Operations Manager and Nutrition Services

Forest Grove School District, Sodexo

Mobile: (360) 833-3196

Office: (503) 359-8110 ext. 4510

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